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Do you trust school to
develop your full potential?

Do you feel like what you’re learning in school has limited relevance in the real world?

Does school just feel like an ever more elaborate set of arbitrary hoops to jump through? More like a GPA game to be played than a place nurturing your true talents and potential?


Join the Revolution

Secure your Future

Take control of your future with BeSomeone!

Talents You Can Develop With BeSomeone
BeSomeone will transform your life

Before BeSomeone

After BeSomeone

Anxious about my future

Confident I'm on a self-development journey to success and happiness

School controls my development

School doesn't feel relevant

Playing the GPA game

I've taken charge of my development

Mastering real-world skills

Nurturing my true talents and potential

Unsure what to do with my life

Real purpose towards making a meaningful contribution to the world

No one knows the real me

A deep sense of belonging with supportive friends that care about me

My future fate is determined by the colleges that accept me

I'm developing durable talents that will make me successful anywhere

Join a weekly online junto

We’ll match you with other students and a facilitator to create the support squad you always wished you had!

Learn How to Navigate Life

Learn the new science behind finding success

in school, career and beyond


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check out the book!

Ready to start your journey?

Try out an open Junto session on Discord

any Sunday at 7pm EST / 6pm CST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST. 

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