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Hello everyone! I'm Hasti, and I'm currently a graduate student in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. I hold a B.A. in psychology and lots of related work experiences.

These include time spent at a nonprofit multicultural mental health clinic working with youth, as well as serving as a behavioral therapist for neurodiverse kiddos!

During my free time I like to sing, dance, play some guitar or hangout with my dogs and family/friends! I would say my biggest strength is knowing so much about different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. I take pride in this skill because it has helped me connect with so many people through my improved listening, understanding, and communication skills.

Having invested effort into my own personal growth, goals, and visions, I'm now dedicated to assisting you with yours! Thanks to BeSomeone, I'm empowered to create a safe space for others to brainstorm all their dreams for the future and guide them towards realizing their highest potential.

To put it simply, I'm excited to be your wing-person on the journey of chasing and accomplishing your ambitions.

Master Coach

Looking forward to meeting you!


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