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Hello! My name is Shai, and I am working towards my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. My professional background includes eight years of one-on-one and team coaching experience for a corporate insurance company.

When I am not studying fascinating topics related to psychology, I can be found in my kitchen whipping up delicious food from scratch, cuddling my sweet doggo, Pepper Daisy, looking for the next live music event to attend, and adding to my extensive astrology knowledge.

I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful humans I have met along my path of self-development. I am certain that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the tough love, encouragement, and commitment of those who provided that foundation for me. Whether these lessons came from formal or informal relationships, my growth was expanded and transformed because of these essential individuals. I am very passionate about the opportunity to pay that forward. With this in mind, I naturally signed up to become a BeSomeone coach so that I, too, can foster growth and potential in other people.

Clients of mine can expect a judgment-free zone, an open space to explore questions, challenges, goals, and, most importantly, the opportunity to find what is genuine and authentic to them. My goal is to empower everyone to be themselves, where each person's unique abilities and originality are valued and given the opportunity to fulfill their purpose to the best of their ability. I want each person to be confident in their individuality, stand in their power, and be the example that others need to see so that we all can live in a more inclusive, innovative, and beautiful world.


Looking forward to meeting you!


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