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BeSomeone Grant Application

$1,000 grant opportunity for
teachers and counselors to launch
Life Coaching Clubs in your high school!

Unlock the potential of your students and make a lasting impact on their lives!

BeSomeone and the Houston ISD Foundation are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for dedicated teachers and counselors like you to apply for a $1,000 grant to launch a BeSomeone Life Coaching Club at your high school.

Why BeSomeone Life Coaching Clubs?



Create a positive and empowering space for students to support each other's growth and well-being.

Real Connections


 Facilitate genuine connections among students, fostering a community that shares experiences and provides guidance.

Skill Development


Equip students with valuable life skills, resilience, and confidence to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

BeSomeone's Goal and Mission

BeSomeone’s mission is global generational transformation through a viral youth movement of volunteer teens and college students providing free peer-to-peer, 1-on-1, personal life coaching.


Our goal is to help teens and young adults flourish and fully develop their unique talents, regardless of where they go to school or what college they get into.


The coaching program - based on the book How to Navigate Life by Liang and Klein - focuses on weekly online video meeting sessions covering check-ins, book concepts, talent development based on Gardner’s multiple intelligences, and reflections with goal-setting.


The ultimate goal with BeSomeone coaching is to transform a student from a passive, reactive learner just focused on doing the minimum to survive their next assignment or test to a healthy, proactive individual taking charge of their self-development.

How does it work?

Life coaching is a transformative journey that empowers individuals to enhance various aspects of their lives, from mental health to academic success and relationships. With just an hour a week, a dedicated peer life coach becomes a personalized guide, particularly for teenagers navigating the challenges of school, friendships, and self-discovery.


This coach serves as a supportive ally, understanding the nuances of adolescence and offering a roadmap to turn dreams into reality. The coach provides honest feedback, practical strategies, and relatable experiences to inspire growth. Beyond mentorship, the life coach becomes a friend, celebrating victories, offering support during tough times, and providing motivation.


Seven key benefits that BeSomeone life coaching focuses includes:

  • Clarifying priorities

  • Building confidence

  • Developing life skills

  • Managing stress

  • Making informed decisions about the future

  • Enhancing college applications and resumes

  • Fostering a trusted mentor relationship outside immediate circles.


Ultimately, life coaching is a powerful tool to unlock potential, find purpose, and create the extraordinary life one envisions.

What do Session Look Like?

After a training period, student coaches receive guiding slides for an 11-week coaching program to use with clients in online video meetings. Each weekly 1-hour session has four parts: 

  1. Check-ins

  2. Concept of the week from the book “How to Navigate Life” by Liang and Klein

  3. Talent of the week for goal-setting and skill development. The BeSomeone Five Talents are based on Garder’s theory of multiple intelligences: 

    • Mindful Self (intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences)

    • Servant Leader (interpersonal intelligence)

    • Compelling Communicator (verbal-linguistic intelligence)

    • Critical Thinker and Problem Solver (logical-mathematical intelligence)

    • Creative Maker (visual-spatial and musical intelligences).

  4. Reflections and goal-setting


More details are available in our introductory session slide deck here.

What the $1,000 Grant Covers

$500 to kickstart your BeSomeone Life Coaching Club

  • (up to $250 for the sponsoring teacher/counselor)

An additional $500 is contingent on achieving specific milestones

  • Recruiting the first cohort of aspiring coaches and getting them through training

  • Ensuring the program's success and impact

    • (up to another $250 for the sponsoring teacher/counselor)


Houston ISD high school teacher or counselor partnered with a high-performing junior (preferably) or sophomore student (student can be recruited later). 


This can be a new club or a program within an existing mental health club.

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference? Submit your application and share your vision for creating a BeSomeone Life Coaching Club at your high school.




We're looking for passionate teachers and counselors who want to empower their students - if that’s you, apply today!

Application Deadline: Open Rolling Admissions

(once the grants are gone they're gone)


Feb-March: recruit at least 10 students to be the first cohort of coaches to be trained

March: first student coach cohort completes 3 hours of online training provided by BeSomeone master coaches (this may be broken up into multiple sessions at the discretion of the club)

March-May: recruit clients for your first cohort of coaches! This may include promotional events on campus.

Why Wait?

Don't miss this chance to spearhead a transformative initiative that will leave a lasting legacy at your school.

Apply today and be a catalyst for positive change in your students' lives!

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact Tory Gattis at

Let's work together to empower and inspire the next generation!

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