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Peer-to-Peer Life Coaching
Program for High Schools

Counselors: Empower Your Students and Transform Your School with Free Peer-to-Peer Life Coaching!

Unlock the potential of your students and make a lasting impact on their lives!

Are you a high school counselor seeking innovative ways to support your students' mental health, academic success, and overall well-being?


BeSomeone is a free peer-to-peer life coaching program designed to help teens level up their live and thrive!

Why a BeSomeone Life Coaching Program?

Proven Results

BeSomeone has demonstrated success in pilot programs across four Houston ISD high schools, with counselors and students reporting improved behavior, attitudes, academic performance, and overall well-being.


Free and Easy to Implement

Establishing a BeSomeone program at your school is simple and straightforward. We will also provide a trained coaching intern at no cost, who will work 5-10 hours per week to help launch and grow the program.


Empowering Students

Our program fosters a positive and empowering space for students to support each other's growth, build genuine connections, and develop essential life skills.


Holistic Approach

We go beyond academics, focusing on the whole student by addressing mental health, social-emotional learning, and talent development.



Our program is based on the book "How to Navigate Life" by Liang and Klein and incorporates Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

My older students can see the value in reaching back and helping to guide students through obstacles they once experienced, and my younger students are open to the idea of learning valuable life skills from someone closer to their age.


I feel there is a connection there that cannot be easily duplicated between students and those they see as authority figures, no matter how much rapport is built. That is why I chose to start a BeSomeone club on my campus.

Iysha Riley - School Counselor, HISD

Proud Partners of Houston ISD Foundation

BeSomeone's Goal and Mission

A free coach for every teen! BeSomeone’s mission is global generational transformation through a viral youth movement of trained volunteer teens and college students providing free peer-to-peer personal life coaching. BeSomeone Life Coaches help teens flourish and proactively develop their talents with a growth mindset regardless of where they go to school or what college they get into.
The coaching program - based on the book How to Navigate Life by Liang and Klein - focuses on weekly online video meeting sessions covering check-ins, book concepts, talent development based on Gardner’s multiple intelligences, and reflections with goal-setting.
The ultimate goal with BeSomeone coaching is to transform a student from a passive, reactive learner just focused on doing the minimum to survive their next assignment or test to a healthy, proactive individual taking charge of their self-development.

The five students - who have stuck with the program - are growing as they progress through the coaching program. I have witnessed them practicing the coaching techniques they are learning with other students. I have seen behavioral changes as well as changes in their attitudes and how they interact with their peers. Their academic performance has also improved.


La’Nessa Witherspoon - Teacher, Sharpstown High School

What do Sessions Look Like?

After a training period, student coaches receive guiding slides for an 11-week coaching program to use with clients in online video meetings. Each weekly 1-hour session has four parts: 

1. Check-ins

2. Concept of the week from the book “How to Navigate Life” by Liang and Klein

3. Talent of the week for goal-setting and skill development. The BeSomeone Five Talents are based on Garder’s theory of multiple intelligences: 

o Mindful Self (intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences)
o Servant Leader (interpersonal intelligence)
o Compelling Communicator (verbal-linguistic intelligence)
o Critical Thinker and Problem Solver (logical-mathematical intelligence)
o Creative Maker (visual-spatial and musical intelligences).

4. Reflections and goal-setting

More details are available in our introductory session slide deck here.

Tap on a Talent

to learn more! 

How BeSomeone Transforms Students

Personalized Guidance

Each student is matched with a trained peer coach who provides one-on-one support and guidance.

Structured Curriculum

Our 11-week program covers essential life skills, including goal-setting, communication, stress management, and decision-making.

Talent Development

We help students identify and develop their unique talents through personalized activities and exercises

Supportive Community 

Students build meaningful connections with their peers, fostering a sense of belonging and support.











Why Counselors Love BeSomeone

Reduced Workload

Our program lightens the load for busy counselors by providing additional support for students' mental health and well-being.

Increased Student Engagement

Peer-to-peer coaching fosters a sense of connection and belonging, leading to increased engagement in school and extracurricular activities.

Improved School Climate

By promoting positive relationships and social-emotional skills, our program contributes to a more positive and supportive school environment.

With over 15 years of experience as a School Psychologist and Success Coach, I am deeply committed to supporting the BeSomeone Vision, which brilliantly integrates the power of social-emotional learning with a transformative educational approach.

Jenai Fitzpatrick, MS Ed, CPLC

Free Support from an Intern

BeSomeone will provide you with a FREE trained coaching intern 5-10 hours/week to support launching and growing your BeSomeone program with coaching, mentoring, and training for new student coaches.

How to Apply

Questions? Ready to make a difference? Contact us here today!

Don't miss this chance to spearhead a transformative initiative that will leave a lasting legacy at your school.

Let's work together to empower and inspire the next generation!

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