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Class Catalyst Internships


BeSomeone Class Catalyst Internships are mobilizing students to transform schools while learning valuable real-world skills through remote internships with K-12 teachers.

Calling all Teachers!

Looking for more support in the classroom?

  • Match with high-performing students to help your classroom.

  • Revolutionize your class with engaging project-based learning.

  • Create innovative education strategies that get students excited.

  • Help students develop career-valued skills through unique learning adventures.

Make an Impact Students!

Looking for an incredible internship opportunity?

  • Work alongside teachers to create an impact in education.

  • Implement engaging project-based learning activities that develop real-world skills.

  • Bolster your skill-set and resume for future college and job applications.

  • Learn useful techniques like Agile Project Development, Innovative Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving.

  • Earn letters of recommendation and community service hours.

Get Involved!
  1. Request access to the LinkedIn Group and one of our team members will let you in.

  2. From there, read the About Us section and the Pinned Post at the top of the feed.



  • Connect with teachers by checking out their posts on the groups page

  • Reach out to them through LinkedIn and set up a video interview!



  • Create a post for your classroom using the template in the Pinned Post.

  • Connect with high-performing, remote student interns and start transforming your class!


Is there a cost?


No. BeSomeone Class Catalyst Internships are FREE! While internships are unpaid, in exchange, teachers write recommendations and endorse skills on the students' LinkedIn profiles. Students may also earn community service hours.


Are internships remote?


Yes. BeSomeone Class Catalyst Internships are entirely remote, allowing students and teachers to connect anywhere at their convenience. 

We Can’t Wait for You to Get Started!

Join BeSomeone Class Catalyst Internships today!

Improve yourself, improve school, improve the world, BeSomeone.

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