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Hi there, my name is Ysaac Coronado. I was born in Venezuela and currently reside in Miami. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Music Production. My academic journey has not been easy.

During high school, I struggled with focusing and retaining information in class. I often felt different and faced years of bullying and educational challenges. A dedicated high school professor made it her mission to help me graduate. After much consideration, I decided to prepare for the GED test with her support, allowing me to personalize my day-to-day academic learning.

I successfully completed my GED and enrolled in college. By then, I had received a proper diagnosis: I have dyslexia. With the help of a neurologist, I identified my gaps and, through therapies and lifestyle changes, overcame many of the challenges associated with my learning disability.

I wanted to become a BeSomeone Coach to help make your life easy if you are dealing with a learning disability. I want to give you the tools and advice on how you can address your challenges.

My passion and talent lie in playing the piano by ear. Today, I am dedicated to teaching children to do the same, helping them discover the joy of music and develop their skills in a supportive environment.


Looking forward to meeting you!


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