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Our free 1-on-1 weekly personal coaching sessions are here to support you!
What is BeSomeone?
BeSomeone is a peer-to-peer support network that connects like-minded teens who want to take charge of their future, develop cool talents, and make a meaningful contribution to the world!

With BeSomeone, you can have access to high quality, personal peer coaching completely for free.
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How can coaching 
improve my life?
Teens are faced with a set of circumstances unlike ever before. BeSomeone looks to address the mental health crisis affecting teens through peer-to-peer coaching.

Whether you're looking for guidance, support or help preparing for the future, you're in the right place.
Benefits of a Coach
1. Clarify Goals and Priorities
A coach can help identify values & priorities, finding goals that align with your interests.
2. Build Self-Esteem and Confidence
Overcome self-doubt, recognize your strengths and develop strategies to face challenges in life.
3. Develop Life Skills
Build a foundation of practical skills that will be useful now and in the future.
4. Manage Stress
& Anxiety
Get equipped with the tools, techniques and practices to best help you manage stress. 
5. Plan for the Future
Explore your interests and make informed decisions about your future with practical, thoughtful guidance. 
What will we do in our Coaching Sessions?
Learn How to Navigate Life

Learn the new science behind finding success

in school, career and beyond


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check out the book!

Answer Questions Like
Develop Your Unique Talents!

Take the BeSomeone Talents Quiz

and discover how you can enhance your unique skill set!

Want to Learn More about
BeSomeone Coaching?
Meet some of our Coaches!
Our coaches are the backbone of BeSomone as they guide weekly discussions, explore the topics of How To Navigate Life, and offer mentorship and guidance for your journey along the way!




Ready to start your journey?

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Why we want YOU to BeSomeone
We don’t need to tell you how tough it is to be a teenager. 

We don’t need to tell you how stressful it is to balance all aspects of life while being expected to know what to do with your future. 

We don’t need to tell you that there is a major mental health crisis amongst teenagers today. 

Because you already know this. 

If you’re here on this page that means you’re looking for something. Whether that’s guidance, support, or a community based on mutual improvement, you’re in the right place.

Our goal with BeSomeone is to provide teens with a safe space where they can feel free to connect, learn, and grow alongside like-minded peers.

We’re cultivating a community designed to give each person the support they need and the tools to navigate life - all completely for free.

We want to see you be the best version of yourself - a happy, confident, and thriving individual eager to pursue the many opportunities of life. 

If that’s something you’re looking for, we’re thrilled to welcome you to our community.
- BeSomeone Team
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