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Hey, I’m Ashley! I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m currently a sophomore in high school, aiming to major in criminal psychology in the future. I spent most of my free time reading books, mostly horror and thriller, as well as catching up on the latest TV shows, and kdramas.

In my opinion, absorbing perspectives and stories are what make books and movies special. I also love art, and enjoy mindlessly sketching and painting. Also love all animals, but dogs especially (respect the cat lovers too).

I decided to join BeSomeone, despite being younger than some of the other mentors, because I’m genuinely passionate about helping teens like myself, understanding what many of you guys are currently going through, the struggles and doubts that you may have about life. I don’t have it all figured out either, but I’m hoping to learn and grow with all of y’all. I hope to inspire and help my clients through their doubts and problems in life.

Excited to meet you!

DM me on Discord after adding me as a friend: @_ashhh._.


Schedule an online introductory session today!

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