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University of Indiana

Hi! My name is Eve, a current sophomore majoring in Psychology. I am pre-research and PHD track, so my free time is spent reading (literature, research articles, or anything that is currently raved about), at yoga and pilates, drinking coffee and matcha at the coffee shop that is on rotation of the week.

I joined BeSomeone as a coach because I wanted to give back to my community in a way and form I was good at. Interpersonal communication and being an active listener has always been something I prided myself on. So to be able to utilize that and potentially (hopefully) change someone’s life, or even positively influence their choices and decisions academically and in interpersonal relationships makes me happy.

Looking forward to meeting you!

DM me on Discord after adding me as a friend: ev.eee#9840


Schedule an online introductory session today!

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